Better Solutions with the best Beer Holders for You Now

Get three methods for how to quickly make warm beer cold at a festival.Once you have dragged a lot of beer on the festival, they can be made cold in several ways. There are three things that can seriously pull down on this year’s festivals: bad weather, bad music and lukewarm beer. The first two things we cannot help you with, but they lick beer, they are advised. Also that is without a fridge.However, it requires only a little thought, some simple ingredients and access to cold water.

Method 1: Use a sock when it blows

This method does not work effectively if it does not blow.Place your beer in a sock. It should preferably be of adult size (so there is room for the beer).Make the sock completely wet with water.Place the sock in a place where it winds the most – the stronger the wind, the colder will be your beer.It is a good idea to leave the bottle in the sock, for example. in a flagstick or on a branch where there is access to much wind.Let the beer cool for half an hour. The longer the colder will be.

Method 2: Use newspaper

Tear a newspaper in large, even pieces. A newspaper page can approx. tear apart in three pieces.Moisten the paper with water, for example. From a faucet or from a bottle is there.Grab your beer into the dampened newspaper.Leave the beer in the dampened paper. When the paper dries, it cools your beer down.Remember to drink the beer while it is fairly cool.

Method 3: Use ice cubes, coolant and salt

This method is a bit resource-consuming in a festival spot because you need ice cubes, but it’s extremely efficient to cool beer quickly. After 20 minutes you have ice-cold beer. The use of the Stubby holders is perfect with it now.


Find a larger, well-insulated, waterproof container, for example, a cool bag.Put your beer in the bottom of the fridge.Cover your beer with half of your ice cubes. A good rule of thumb is that you need approximately two items ice cubes for a cool bag.Pour water over ice cubes and beer.Pour the rest of the ice cubes on top.Pour a handful of salt in the oven. The salt lowers the freezing point, making your beers faster cold.You will generally get the most success with bottle beer, but cans can also be used. All tips can of course also be used to cool other cold drinks in bottles or canned bottles.


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