From company catering to business catering- Or not yet

The coffee lady who visited each office several times a day to serve coffee or tea, is already far behind us. Now that many companies have introduced a form of New Way of Working, there is a need for a different type of catering. You are to change from company catering to business catering, and then you can discuss your ideas with very experiences international buffer catering Singapore.

What purpose does catering have?

Many companies want to offer more of a meeting place with The New Working concept than a place for lunch. A good balance between the usefulness of the service and the costs it entails is essential. Thinking about what you want to radiate is not only in terms of design, but also the choice of assortment and service. A stately lawyers or notary’s office has different requirements and wishes than a production company.

More than a sandwich and milk

The choice to switch to the new way of working really is not just to offer employees the opportunity to find their own private work balance. Saving on expensive square meters plays a (at least) major role in this. Earning good money as a caterer during the regular lunch hours (12.00-14.00) can still be disappointing. Especially when the cafeteria makes way for a company restaurant with good meeting facilities with a meeting function that requires more than a few rolls and milk.

Think of wide opening hours. And not only coffee and tea, other drinks such as smoothies in the morning and soft drinks in the afternoon. People who start at 7 am in the morning get really hungry by 11 am and do not want to wait for a room where they can only enter after 12.00. The same applies to the late starters, for example those who start the traffic jams late in the morning. Having lunch and possibly ‘on-the-job’ hot food could be a welcome addition. As a caterer you will therefore not have to pay too much attention to the costs, but also think about how you can increase the return by expanding your service package.

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