The Friendship Feuds That Taragh Bracken Has Experienced

For those who aren’t Taragh Bracken, they don’t mind a few good arguments to get your thoughts flowing back and forth. However, when it comes to the point where you hang out with your best friend for days on end, it’s highly possible that fights are going to surmount. When your friend is practically considered family to you, you ought to consider the range of dilemmas that may come your way. The top thing that everyone wants is to feel heard. So now is the time where you need to calmly listen to what your friend is saying and retract from selfish, childish behaviours.


Some of the dilemmas that may hurt your friendship are as follows.


You Need Peaceful Alone Time

No matter who you are, where you live and what you do for a living, you’re bound to need some alone time at one point. This may not be the same for your other friend, who clings to you like there’s no tomorrow and cannot stop talking about yesterday’s episode of The Bachelor. If you’re in a situation where you want your friend to enjoy that needed alone time without any distraction, then give it to them. Give them at the very least a week to themselves, without any point of contact, but don’t simply go cold turkey on them. Ensure that they’re aware of what you’re doing—in the name of their own sanity—prior to moving forward with the strategy.


Your Values Stray Apart

This can be one of the toughest dilemmas that you may ever face after continuing with a long-lasting friendship. If your friend has deterring values from yours, then it can be tough to maintain an amicable friendship together. This is where you need to decide whether you can still be friends, doing a pros and cons table to recognize which values you share along with those that differ from yours. While your core values should be intact, your differentiating points should not be deal breakers.


Over-Complaining With No Solutions

They always say that a large part of communication is listening, not talking. If you can rant on about your struggles, issues, experiences and victories, then you must also take the time to listen to what others are trying to tell you. Feeling like you need to but into a conversation that is evidently unbalanced can make your other friend feel hurt and uncomfortable. Every single person on this planet wishes to feel connected and heard. Try to get outside of the bubble that is your mind and care a little about others. If you don’t, then you’ll be working through life without a single dose of joy to keep you healthy and alive for long.


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