What Information To Put In A Lease

What Is The Lease For?

A lease agreement, also known as a lease, is a contract in which the leaser allows the lessee to take advantage of a property for a certain period of time, typically one to three years. The lessee must then pay a rent to his lessor during this time. According to Certain laws a lease is not limited to real estate. Indeed, such a contract can very well be worn on movable or immovable property. In some countries such as Finland or Belgium, a lease contract is not necessarily written. In these countries, a verbal contract is also valid. Once the lease agreement is signed, is it possible to make a change of lease? If yes, what are the procedures to follow in order to make this lease modification? It would not be necessary in this instance to have a realtor such as Brad Roemer in the mix as this could usually be taken care of by the landlords.

The Lease Contract

The lease of a home is a document prepared by the landlord and his tenants. In general, for a colocation contract, there must be the same number of contracts as parties. It is mandatory, regardless of the rental unit being furnished or not, that this document contain several useful information such as:

  • Information about the owner or leaser: name, address or registered office
  • The names of tenants
  • The date of signing the lease
  • The address of the building for rent
  • An exact description of the accommodation and the total of the living space available to the latter
  • The amount of rent that the tenant must pay each month, the method of payment agreed upon by both parties and any annual revisions
  • The rent amount of the former resident of the dwelling
  • The nature of the work done by the owner since the last lease as well as the amount he has spent to justify a possible rent increase.
  • The amount of the guarantee, if any Information on all agency fees

When a realtor such as Brad encounters a situation where all of the above information is filled out he would not have much to do as the work would have mainly being accomplished for him.

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