Your Shopify Store Will Never Look As Good As This

So you’re opened up a shopify store. Perhaps you’re selling handmade goods, or you’re an Amazon affiliate, you maybe even you’re dropshipping fancy teas. Whatever it may be, you need your online store to look good or it will turn away potential customers. Nowadays, on the internet, people are very harsh critics. If something is wrong with your site, they will let you know, either by commenting, if you enable that feature, or by simply leaving, which will be apparent in your website rations such as how many people landed on the site versus how many people actually bought something. Either way, you’re losing sales if your site looks like it was made in 1994. It’s all part of the User Experience and it matters.

So You Have To Pick A Theme

So now you gotta watch a bunch of youtube videos, read a bunch of blogs, and navigate through the Shopify theme store’s inventory of literally hundreds of thousands of themes. Then you have to buy and try one or two or more and voila! You set up a theme. Does it look good? Does it work well on mobile devices as well as on computers? Imagine making the mistake of buying the wrong theme! Money thrown down the drain, loss of new sales, time lost.

And Then You Take A Look At A Competitor’s Site And It Looks Like This

This theme right here is called Handy and its creators have excellent design prowess and taste. It looks amazing, and you want a site like that…but is the theme any good? Yes, check out it’s nothing but five stars reviews.

Good Programming And Design

Pixel Union, the developers of this theme, are well known for their skills in design as well as programming. A site that is not built very well in terms of the programming, will be punished by Google when it comes to search engine optimization, and it will also be punished by the users themselves. If they don’t find the website attractive or functional enough on mobile phones, they will leave. That’s because most of internet browsing is done on mobile phones today anyways.

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